Using video to recruit the best Insurance Construction Staff

Consulting instead of selling 


Getting your business seen by the right potential staff starts with the first interaction they have with the recruiter (If you are an employer you can substitute this in for the first interaction they have with you). So knowing there is a process in place and following that process gets the results. Here is what we have discovered by specialising in Insurance Construction.


1 – Using a recruitment company allows your message to be heard above others and will find you the right people – often who aren’t even on SEEK.

2 – Providing the overall market of candidates a consulting approach – detailing employer styles, salaries, and benefits (being seen as a source of knowledge before they leave their current job) allows trust to be built saving time and money onboarding the right staff


3 – Overselling – getting the wrong staff just results in turnover and loss.

Using video to recruit the best Insurance Construction Staff

Specialising in a field = to be seen as a platform for solid information 


Once we moved into specialising in Insurance Construction the shift in the right candidates finding us was immediate. There are two clear stages of life when the best staff look to move from being self-employed to employed. Knowing what they are and marketing to this is the key.

Allowing the hiring manager to see and hear the potential employee


Now, where are getting to the good part? What did we find after looking at how to make onboarding the best staff easier? Video. Boring – we have all heard of Zoom and Teams. Yeah yeah, whatever – I am talking about presenting the candidate with a CV and video interview specific to your business answering the exact questions you would do in a meeting – from the start. We found by video vetting every candidate saved us time, the candidate time, but overwhelmingly the business time and money by choosing only the candidates which suited their employment bias. 

Getting the employee ready to follow a process


You know why else getting the candidate to be videoed is key – it shows they can follow a process. Firstly they must diarise a time, be organised, work out how to implement Zoom, and most of all show how they think about background, appearance, and audio. It shows they can follow a process! The main thing that any great Insurance Employee can do is understand and follow processes. 

Finding construction employees with modern tech ability 


On a final note, by using our process of recording a candidate to present along with a CV we find those with building knowledge and tech ability. Not just email, but a lot can be said for having no fear of adopting technology. 

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