Most likely the people you want to hire aren’t sitting on SEEK

Sounds counterintuitive but data shows it to be true. After building Australia’s largest lookalike audience of Insurance Construction applicants we have a pretty good idea of where they are.


It comes back to a few simple rules. 


1 – Humans are intrinsically lazy. Even when handed a path to success sometimes we still want someone else to do it for us.


2 – The best applicants aren’t always looking. But if you present them with the ideal role they have been looking for – right to the eyes as they are scrolling – you can turn them from passive interest to essentially jumping at the opportunity (all while keeping them off SEEK and away from competitors). 


3 – The best applicants once on SEEK are lost to the system. Because SEEK will keep sending them to other roles. It becomes a race for $$ and no one wins.

Finding the best Insurance Construction Staff without relying on SEEK - blog

If they are on SEEK – you are in a race to get them to interview, and a race for $$


Data tells us this. No one seems to be winning the SEEK-only recruitment game. If you are winning, no need to bother reading this as whatever you are doing is working for you! 


Does this process sound right? CV hits the inbox, you try and call. They may or may not answer. They may sound like the right fit, but maybe not. Undeterred you get them in for an interview. Here is what happens next:


1 – They don’t turn up

2 – Thye can’t really string a sentence together

3 – They thought it was another day

4 – They seem interested, maybe even verbally accept

5 – They ghost you


If you can use SEEK and other platforms to find your Insurance Construction Staff and combine this into one process you are ahead of your competition. Not only getting the right staff but getting them at the right $$ without contracts falling over and wasted interviews. 

Your vacancies are not located in one place, so why not use better tactics

Tactics – probably not a word you would associate with finding the right Insurance Construction Staff. But if you think about where you need your team, (most like one central office, a satellite office, or two and then scattered geographically) then it is much easier to use marketing and location tactics to find them.


For example, if you need site supervisors in many locations across the state – use marketing tactics to find the right staff in those locations without the need to trawl through application after application of those who don’t fit. Have the right people come to you in the right place – repeatedly. 


This also works for events too. We now have solid data on when large events take place and how to quickly mobilise a team geographically. 


If you’re looking for staff in the Insurance Construction industry, leave your details in the form or contact us directly so we know to reach out.

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