5 Essential Marketing Tactics for Recruiting in the Construction Industry

Are lack of trades stopping your construction business profits? Here are essential tactics we use (and can teach you) to find the right trades and supervisors’


To effectively connect with potential candidates in the Australian construction industry, here are five essential marketing strategies to consider: Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Jobs, and direct outreach/networking. These strategies bypass traditional methods like SEEK and allow you to target businesses of all sizes seeking qualified staff. Let’s explore their key benefits, challenges, and success rates.


Facebook Groups: Join relevant construction-focused Facebook groups in Australia, share job postings, and engage with members. This cost-effective strategy allows you to connect directly with individuals actively interested in construction jobs. Success depends on active participation and providing valuable content without being spammy.

Facebook Ads: Utilise Facebook’s precise targeting options to reach a broader audience of potential candidates. Craft compelling ads that highlight job opportunities and unique aspects of your business. Regular monitoring and optimisation improve success rates. Challenges include competition and ad fatigue among users.


Google Ads: Conduct keyword research to identify relevant terms job seekers use when searching for construction jobs in Australia. Develop compelling ad copy and optimise landing pages. Success depends on accurate targeting and continuous refinement. Challenges include high competition and cost per click.


LinkedIn Jobs: Post detailed job descriptions and utilise LinkedIn’s targeting options to reach relevant professionals in the construction industry. Promote your company’s brand and engage with potential candidates. LinkedIn’s professional focus and advanced targeting capabilities increase success rates. Challenges include pricing and competition for qualified candidates.


Direct Outreach and Networking: Attend industry events, engage with professional organisations, and leverage LinkedIn connections. These strategies help build relationships and access a network of potential candidates. Success depends on consistent effort and investment of time. Challenges include building a strong network.


By combining these strategies, you can effectively connect with potential candidates across all roles in the construction industry in Australia. Each strategy has its own cost-effectiveness, success rate, and challenges. Consider your specific requirements, budget, and target audience when implementing these strategies.

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